A service catered to your health and fitness needs. Weather you want to lose weight, tone up, build strength, or gain weight, we will work as a team to achieve your goals. The journey isn't going to be easy, but with my expert guidance and support, I will make it easier for you.

Your process will be tracked week by week, monitoring the results, identifying weather to simply build, change direction, or restructure to reach and maintain your targets. I will review your eating habits to figure out what needs to be changed, and help you with your mindset to training. Through this journey I will help you make better nutritional choices, educate you on various training styles to enable you to become self-sufficient so you don't become depend on a “diet plan”.

I specialise in the following: Well weather a beginner/intermediate/or advance. Sessions Custom & Tailored to your fitness needs:

  • Meal Plans | Progress Report
  • Health, Fitness Evaluation | Individual Fitness Program Design
  • Improve, tone and build muscle | Lose weight, or lose body fat
  • Booty Building | HIIT Training | Functional Training
  • Core Strengthening & Elite Ab routines | Sports Rehabilitation
  • Sports Specific Training | Elite Boxing HIIT
  • Gym, Outdoor or Online Sessions


£50 pay as you go
£450 for 10 sessions
£800 for 20 sessions


These online Fun & Sweaty sessions via Zoom, are designed to push you to the limits in 45 minutes, giving you the best intense workout for your body when time and space is limited. Whether you want a high intensity session, a full-body, or to focus on specific area, you are guaranteed to work hard, burn fat, sweat lots, build strength and most importantly have fun.


£40 pay as you go 
£300 for 10 sessions


I started training with Coach in October 2018, I was 18 and 320lbs, I needed to change my life and he really helped push me and guide me to become a stronger and more confident person.

I use to walk with my head down and shoulders hunched, no confidence, constantly tugging at my shirt. Training and learning from him I've finally found my voice. He pushes me to my limits, and shows me whats possible, he's made me love strength training. I'm currently at 200lbs and now I stand up straight, make eye contact and am definitely confident. He's changed my life and I can't thank him enough.


These fun & sweaty online group classes via Zoom, are designed to push you to the limits in 35 minutes, giving you the best intense full body workout designed for weight loss. These private zoom classes will keep you healthy, fit and motivated, building team-work and a healthy online community. You are guaranteed to work hard, burn fat, build strength and most importantly have fun.

Don't limit your challenges, challenge your limits.


£40 for 3 classes per week, one month access. 



“Philip has been training me now for 12 months, and the results have been far beyond what I had hoped for. As the owner of a start-up company, my time is at a premium so I was searching for a way to retain my fitness amidst my tightly packed schedule. Philip is very goal orientated in his approach, so each session is intense, structured and focussed, which is exactly what I need. The results were evident after a short period of time, and my fitness, body shape and energy levels are better than ever… and more importantly, although the workouts are tough, Philip is a great people person so I enjoy every session and look forward to it as the kick start to a productive day! I couldn’t recommend Philip’s training and fitness mentoring highly enough. He has completely transformed my training regime, the results have been exceptional, and above all the process has been great fun..”

Steve Reynolds
Sales Director,Digital Message Limited


Many of us hate training alone; so why not bring your partner, a colleague or a friend. My elite service allows you to train with someone else, so you are able to get the same benefits as a one 2 one whilst splitting the cost.




“I started training with Coach July 2018 at my heaviest weight of 260lbs, and over the course of 20 months I've lost 100lbs. He has a no nonsense tough love approach, no drama, no excuses, just get things done. He took into account my injuries and helped me with my nutrition. He also shaped the way in which I thought about the gym and training. I can without a doubt say I wouldn't be where I am today without him. He has literally changed my life. If you want a lifestyle change where someone will help guide you and help you stick to a sustainable programme, then you don't need to look any further. ”

— Aishah Sheikh