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WELCOME TO Philip Perre

Hello! My name is Philip, and I'm an ex GB & international professional basketball player that has been blessed to have learned and worked with some of the best fitness professionals around the world. From studying at some of the best Universities in the US, to winning over 4 professional championships from around the world with a resume of over 12 years as a Pro, I have put into practise all I have learnt to maintain a healthy, injury free body, through top-notch fitness training. I am now a Level 3 CIMSPA & REPS Fitness Coach and Sports Consultant with over 10 years experience as an Elite Trainer. I am here to change your life for the better through good nutrition, a healthy growth mind-set and consistent movement so you can be your best version. I want you to be more efficient, productive and perform better at work, so you can be a better professional.

As an Experienced Fitness Coach, I have a vast knowledge about training and nutrition, and I will help you transform your MINDSET, BODY, HABITS and LIFESTYLE. I'm so excited to be part of your journey to a better YOU!