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A Bespoke personal training service with local personal trainer Philip Perre, that’s catered to your health and fitness goals. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, gain weight, tone up or train like an elite athlete, we will work as a team to achieve your goals. I will help you focus your efforts on creating healthy habits and achieving results NOT restrictions.

As your personal trainer in Hayes Middlesex, I am here to assist you in putting your health, fitness, wellness, and mindset first , allowing you to worry less about meal choices and fitting in workouts. My coaching is tailor-made for busy professionals who are at a point in life where they’re truly prepared to make a lasting change. Regardless of the busy schedule you face, as your personal trainer in Hayes, i’m dedicated to offering the assistance necessary for you to regain balance and control in your life.

One 2 one  personal training sessions are held in 2 locations, a private gym in Hayes Middlesex: Olympain Fitness Gym , and a private fitness studio in south Harrow: PT Workspace

A client of P-Perre fitness coaching, Sheets body trasnformation, losing over 10kg of weight and body fat.



As your personal trainer based in Hayes and Harrow, I am dedicated to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals, so you can stop worrying about what to eat and what workout to do.

Enjoy tailored workouts that are time efficient, effective and designed around your fitness level. We will have open channels of communication anytime you need support, access to unlimited support and many more valuable resources. I will also implement a structured nutritional roadmap to help you create sustainable healthy eating patterns and improve your relationship with food. As your personal trainer, I will be by your side throughout your fitness journey, so you can strengthen your mind, transform your life, and build a stronger healthier body that lasts.

GET IN CONTACT so we can talk your goals.

Personal training with client of P-Perre fitness.

benefits to MY personal training

A client of P-Perre fitness coaching, Nicky body trasnformation, losing body fat and builds muscle in 2 months.

Body Fat & Weight Loss

Increased Strength

Better Posture

Muscle Toning

Improved Self-Discipline

Better Sleep Quality

Increased Motivation and Accountability

Lean Muscle Gain

Enhanced Flexibility

Stress Management

Better Mental Health

Increased Self – Awareness

Healthier Eating Habits

Reduced Body Fat Percentage

Improved Cardiovascular

Improved Total Mindset


Your dedicated personal trainer in Hayes & Hillingdon, serves as the Head Coach at P-PERRE FITNESS. Who proudly earned a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from the University of North Alabama. With a Personal trainer Level 3 certification, along with various nutrition certifications, notably Sports Nutrition Coaching. My expertise extends to mindset and body health. With over 10 plus years of experience, who has been coaching effectively motivating individuals to embark on their personal transformations, one step at a time with over 100+ body transformations.

I thrive on working with clients who are open to delving into their inner barriers, tackling mindset challenges, and simultaneously striving for health and fitness milestones. I am no stranger to my own battles with stress levels, consistency, concentration levels as well as navigating complex relationships with food. Now, my mission is to give back by supporting individuals dealing with similar struggles.

If you’re experiencing challenges with your weight, relationship with food, exercise, and staying consistent with a healthy lifestyle, I am here to help.

Philip Perre | pt & online coach based in London.


Work with a former professional athlete to get the right knowledge and nutritional precision that my vast experience has to offer. Get PT sessions in Hayes and receive comprehensive workouts with constant support, while keeping you accountability. Start getting results with P-Perre Fitness Coaching.


Who have already experienced great results with my Bespoke Personal Training.

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I choose coach Philip as my trainer because of he’s professional athletic background together with he’s knowledge as a PT, meaning he was able to train me physically and mentally. I had PT”s in the past but I was never able to be consistent and slipped back into old habits and patterns.
Philip had helped me become resilient and consistent gaining good results. The sessions are serious and pushed me to my limits! Philip is a no nonsense trainer but at the same time the sessions are enjoyable leaving you feeling invigorated.
He helped me with my diet and nutrition, has supported me consistently and I was given a home workout plan too that I really enjoy. I am much more toned, lean, have gained muscle while loosing fat, I’m energetic and feel confident. I recommend Philip, a true professional that really knows he’s stuff!

Thank you Coach!

A client of P-Perre fitness, P body trasnformation, losing over 8kg of weiggt and body fat.
A client of P-Perre fitness, John body trasnformation, losing over 10kg of weight and body fat.

If motivation, flexibility, and a personal approach is what you are looking for in a PT, then Philip is the man for you!
He makes each of my training sessions challenging but rewarding. I would have no hesitation in recommending him as your personal trainer if you want to achieve your fitness and health goals.

Appreciate you Coach.

Best trainer out there! With only two and half months, not only has my physical strength, glutes size and health improved drastically, but my mentality about health and fitness too. Philip is extremely knowledgeable and motivates you every step of the way, he is dedicated to making sure you can become the healthiest, strongest version of yourself. Truly the best, I look forward to continuing working with him long term and seeing even more amazing results.

Thank you so much Coach!

A client of P-Perre fitness, Nikki body trasnformation, gaining 5kg in weight and muscle.
Online coaching of P-Perre client

Get involved with the Philip Perre Experience. Ever heard of the phrase “hurts so good”? That’s how you will feel after a session with Philip. It’s the kind of hurting that leaves you with that great feeling that progress is definitely happening. Highly recommended.

Thanks Coach.

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Your success is my priority. With years of expertise as your dedicated local personal trainer, I am committed to helping you achieve your goals. With tailored training sessions  and ongoing support, trasnform your mindset, habits, daily routine and elevate your and health.

Join P-Perre Fitness coaching today and take the first step towards a stronger and healthier you. 


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